TITLE: Government Affairs Committee Chair

MISSION STATEMENT: To promote and advocate for legislation, policies and regulatory issues of significance to all Montana libraries


  1. Inform Montana legislators and the Montana public of the needs and concerns of the library community;
  2. Provide library workers and supporters with up-to-date information on government actions or proposals;
  3. Develop networks to lobby legislators and further library interests.

ONGOING: Reports due for Board meetings on Committee activities.

TIMELINE: Ongoing throughout legislative year


  • Monitor legislation
  • Track happenings within the government that could affect libraries
  • Organize communications with librarians, trustees, Montana State Library staff
  • Prepare and oversee yearly budget
  • Work with government officials, including senators and house members, advocacy groups and citizens to convey MLA legislative goals.
  • Update Montana library community on legislative decision
  • With Conference Planner organize the Legislative Reception
  • Make arrangements for Legislative Advocacy training
  • Represent MLA at ALA Legislative Days in Washington, DC
  • Work with MLA lobbyists and Montana State Library to set legislative agenda
  • Negotiate contract with lobbyists
  • Coordinate with MLA lobbyist and Montana State Library to initiate nomination for MLA Champion Award