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Preservation of Association Records

  1. Depository
    Current business records of the association are on file with the Executive Director, Montana Library Association, 33 Beartooth View Drive, Laurel, MT 59044. Association records of historical value are regularly deposited with the Montana Historical Society Library and Archives, 225 N. Roberts Street, Helena MT 59620-1201.
  2. Preservation of Materials
    1. Papers, documents, and records relating to the activities and history of the association are to be retained according to the following guidelines:
      Record Retention Period
      Constitution and bylaws Permanent
      Minutes and proceeding Permanent
      Lists of officers and members Permanent
      Publications (One record copy of all programs, journal, monographs, newsletters, brochures, posters and announcements) Permanent
      Ledgers and journals Permanent
      Audit Reports Permanent
      Applications filed with regulatory agencies Permanent
      Annual Reports Permanent
      Checks and bank statements 9 years
      Vouchers, cash and numerical copy 9 years
      Claims, closed, against the Association 7 years
      Correspondence and memoranda of historical interest Permanent
    2. Records which do not meet the above criteria and which should not be retained include, for example:
      Records of specific financial and membership transactions
      Letters of transmittal where the date and routing information is on the document transmitted
      Requests for publication or information after the requests have been filled
      All bank forms and unused printed or duplicated materials
      All duplicate copies
      Papers, reports, work papers and drafts which have been published elsewhere
      Replies to questionnaires if the results are recorded and preserved either in the archives or in a published report
      Application materials for the Sheila Cates Scholarship
  3. Procedures
    1. The executive director is charged with the responsibility of obtaining file and archival material from the officers of the association, chairs of divisions and committees, and others shortly before or immediately following the annual conference. In consultation with the executive committee, the executive director is responsible for periodically weeding the current files of unnecessary material according to the guidelines stated in Section 2 and for evaluating material for inclusion in the archives at the Historical Society.
    2. All materials to be included in the files or archives should be clearly identified and dated.
    3. The chair of each division and committee is responsible for insuring that the records of the division or committee are forwarded to the executive director for inclusion in the files or archives.
    4. The secretary-treasurer and executive director are responsible for insuring that the financial records of the association are properly filed and preserved.

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Updated June 21, 2017

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