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PNLA Representative -- Job Description

    TITLE: PNLA Representative



    Association Representatives (to PNLA, MPLA, and ALA) ensure that Montana’s libraries and librarians are vital and respected components of national and regional library associations. They enlarge and share the resources and concerns of the state, improving the quality of Montana library services and collections through their interaction. They support professional development of Montana librarians through exploration and promotion of regional and national opportunities. They enhance the stature of Montana libraries and librarians by communicating local information and achievements to regional and national bodies. They help develop association leaders by promoting programs and professional development opportunities. The mission of the PNLA Representative is specifically to serve as the representative of MLA to PNLA and form a liaison to interpret the wishes and policies of MLA to PNLA and PNLA to MLA.


    Keep abreast of PNLA board and conference activities and communicate them regularly to the MLA board and membership. Track MLA activities and communicate them regularly to the PNLA board and membership. Advise PNLA on matters of interest to MLA. Advocate for PNLA committee appointments from the Montana membership. Serve as PNLA membership point person for Montana MLA/PNLA members.


    Attend all PNLA board meetings and the annual conference of PNLA. Report orally to MLA membership at MLA Annual Conference if requested by President Submit reports on activities occurring within the state at all meetings of the PNLA board. Attend all MLA board meetings and the MLA Annual Conference. Provide PNLA membership information at MLA Annual Conference through an exhibit booth and membership drawings as appropriate. Submit reports on activities occurring within PNLA at all meetings of the MLA Board. Submit an annual report to the PNLA Secretary and the MLA President to be included in the reports at the PNLA and MLA annual conferences. For PNLA, give one copy to the Secretary Vote on issues at PNLA and MLA board meetings. Submit Montana library and MLA news items to the PNLA Web master and the editor(s) of PNLA Quarterly on a regular basis. Write columns on PNLA news for each issue of MLA Focus. Subscribe to and monitor PNLA-L and Wired MT discussion lists.


    Submit budget request to MLA Executive Director (by May 15th)
    Attend the June Board retreat
    Submit August Focus column (late July)
    Attend PNLA Conference (August)
    Submit October Focus column (late September)
    Submit budget request to PNLA Fall
    Attend PNLA Board meeting (late October or November)
    Attend Quarterly MLA Board meeting (October)
    Submit December Focus column (late November)
    Attend MLA Quarterly Board meeting (January)
    Submit February Focus column (late January)
    Attend PNLA Board meeting (February)
    Submit April Focus column (late March)
    Attend MLA Conference (April)


    MLA active member; PNLA member; able to travel; willing to
    communicate issues orally and in writing at regular, frequent intervals.

    BUDGET: Varies per year


    In 1938 the 1st joint MLA/PNLA Conference was held in Glacier National Park. Past PNLA Representatives have included:

    2015– 2018 Carmen Clark
    2012– 2015 Della Dubbe
    2008– 2012 Mary Lou Mires
    2004– 2008 Norma Glock
    2000– 2004 Jan Zauha
    1998– 2000 Barry Brown
    1996– 1998 Gloria Langstaff
    1994– 1996 Bette Ammon
    1992– 1994 John Thomas

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