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President -- Job Description

Title: MLA President

Mission Statement: The mission of the MLA President is to lead and direct MLA in such a way that the organizational mission statement is adhered to. That mission is to facilitate the development, promotion, and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship in order to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all.


Goal 1: Preside over the affairs of MLA
Objectives: Call and preside over 4-5 board meetings a year at which MLA business is discussed; preside over the annual business meeting at the MLA Conference.

Goal 2: Improve the quality of library services and collections; support professional development
Objectives: Assist in planning annual conference; ensure workshops offered for all types of libraries/librarians; give state of association report annually; select a keynote speaker for annual conference which inspires enthusiasm for the library profession; select theme for annual conference and for the association.

Goal 3: Enhance the stature of Montana libraries and librarians
Objectives: Ensure that MLA publicizes legislative and professional development activities and awards and honors in major Montana newspapers. Work with PR and Marketing Committee to spread the word about the great work that librarians are doing in Montana. Post items of interest to the profession on Wired, the MLA Webpage, and MLA Facebook. Write a President’s column in each issue of FOCUS.

Goal 4: Develop association leaders
Objectives: Maintain the established process that enables current leaders of MLA to create a guidebook (job description and duties) for each leadership position; assist the Vice President in enlisting new members for MLA office and MLA committees; plan and organize spring retreat for MLA officers and committee chairs.

Goal 5: Influence state/national information policies and legislative issues
Objectives: Participate in legislative session as needed and in MLA legislative day; assist Government Affairs Committee; hold winter board meeting in Helena in conjunction with MLA legislative day. Visit Washington, D.C. in spring and meet with national Congressional delegation.

Goal 6: Maintain an ongoing strategic and financial planning process for the association
Objectives: Work closely with staff and officers of the association; establish and maintain communication with other association’s reps (ALA, PNLA, MPLA, MEA); assist Executive Director in gathering budgeting information from divisions, committees, interest groups and officers. OK monthly claims paid by the association. Work with audit committee yearly to make sure MLA is adhering to proper accounting procedures.

Goal 7: Pursue membership growth
Objectives: Work closely with the directors at large and MLA Executive Director in maintaining membership; contact librarians in president’s local area and encourage them to join MLA/take a leadership role

Throughout the year: Submit President’s letter to FOCUS as requested by FOCUS editors.

June 1: New officers, directors, division chairs, and committee chairs assume office.

June 1: All outgoing officers, directors, and chairs transmit records, files, and other pertinent information to their successors.

June: Summer MLA Board meeting held at annual leadership retreat.

June: President initiates performance evaluation of Executive Director and Webmaster.

Late June: Executive Director and Webmaster are provided with written copy of their performance evaluation and notified whether or not the Association wishes to enter into an employment agreement for the next fiscal year.

Late June: Committee chairs send updated committee member assignments to President and Executive Director, who make sure the full committee lists are posted on the MLA Webpage.

July 1: MLA fiscal year begins.

July: Annual employment agreements with Executive Director and Webmaster begin.

July: President has Executive Director distribute conference planning manual to those planning the annual conference.

August: President determines that conference plans are well underway with the conference theme chosen, keynote speaker secured and contracts signed, and Conference Planning Committee organized and working.

October: Conference Planning Committee (and President) meet to choose programs for annual conference.

October: October Board meeting held in conjunction with fall MLA Retreat (ASLD/PLD).

October: Attend Fall Retreat

November: President works with Executive Director on location and dates for summer retreat (if President desires to hold retreat).

December: President writes welcome letter for spring MLA Conference.

January: Works with Bylaws Committee Chair on any needed bylaws changes. Must be approved by MLA Board at January meeting.

January: MLA Board meeting held in conjunction with Legislative Reception (odd years) or as conference call (even years).

February: Attend Offline conference

February: Remind nominating committee that finalized slate of officers is needed.

February: MLA Bylaws changes sent out 30 Days ahead of MLA annual business meeting.

March 1: Awards and Honors Committee recommends award recipients in writing to the President for approval by the Board of Directors.

April: MLA Board meeting held in conjunction with annual MLA Conference. Conference: Annual business meeting of members of the Association is held. (President plans program). President presents “State of the Association” report orally at general business meeting. Time and place of the next year’s conference is announced.

May: Budget Committee completes draft of annual budget for approval by Board of Directors


Leadership Retreat $3000
October Board Meeting $200
January Board Meeting $100
Conference Board Meetings $100
President’s Fund $100

Updated July 2008
Updated November 2017

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