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“Every morning, I pick the Washington Post up off my doorstep and scream at it, ‘PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME’. But it hasn’t worked yet…” — John Porter.

Information on how to subscribe to and unsubscribe from the Wired-MT-L email list.

Welcome to the WIRED-MT-L mailing list, sponsored by the Montana Library Association (MLA) and hosted by OCLC-Western. This mailing list is used for communication among MLA members and anyone else who is interested in Montana library issues. This list is currently OPEN (anyone with an Internet e-mail address can join after being approved by the List Manager) and UNMODERATED (messages are not screened before posting). APPROPRIATE TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION INCLUDE:

  • Montana Library Association business and activities
  • Continuing education and public events of interest to the Montana library community
  • Internet tips and new resources of interest to Montana libraries
  • Requests to your fellow librarians for help with reference questions
  • Any other topic, relevant or of interest to Montana librarians and library supporters from all types of libraries, is encouraged and applauded
  • For-profit vendors are requested to not use WIRED-MT-L for advertising announcements from Montana’s networks (OCLC and BCR, within the spirit of this listserv) are acceptable

To Post a message to WIRED-MT-L

  1. Send it to the address: WIRED-MT-L@OCLCLISTS.ORG
  2. Include a subject line that makes it easy for WIRED-MT-L members to decide if they’re interested in reading your post

To avoid potential embarrassment, before responding to a message, pause for a moment and decide whether your response is of general interest to the list, or is of interest to just the original sender, and respond accordingly. NETIQUETTE Netiquette is contemporary term for proper etiquette on the Internet (or the do’s and don’ts of online communication). E-mail and discussion group subscribers are encouraged to check out netiquette guidelines found at numerous web sites such as: Netiquette Beginner’s Guide

Listserv Commands

  1. Send ALL commands to: LISTSERV@OCLCLISTS.ORG
  2. Do not include a subject line or signature
  3. Include one of the following commands:
    • SUBSCRIBE WIRED-MT-L (subscribe to the list)
    • SIGNOFF WIRED-MT-L (unsubscribe from the list)
    • SET WIRED-MT-L NOMAIL (stops mail while on vacation)
    • SET WIRED-MT-L MAIL (resumes mail after returning from vacation)
    • SET WIRED-MT-L DIGEST (allows you to receive posts in one message per digest cycle rather than individual messages as they are posted)
    • SET WIRED-MT-L NODIGEST (turns off the DIGEST function; NODIGEST is the default setting)
  4. More information on LISTSERV commands can be found by sending the commands, HELP (to retrieve a list of commands), or INFO REFCARD (to obtain the LISTSERV reference card)
  5. ARCHIVES. Contributions sent to this list are automatically archived. You can get a list of the available archive files by sending the command, INDEX WIRED-MT-L You can then order these files with the command, GET WIRED-MT-L LOGxxxxx (the log number is obtained from the report generated by INDEX WIRED-MT-L) QUESTIONS ABOUT WIRED-MT-L

Contact: Stef Johnson, List Manager (on behalf of the Montana Library Association) (406)723-3361

Montana Library Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. PO Box 823, Arlee, MT 59821

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