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Secretary / Treasurer -- Job Description

TITLE: Secretary/Treasurer

VISION: The Secretary/Treasurer will assist in keeping the membership informed of Board activities.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Secretary/Treasurer will support the mission of the Montana Library Association, which is to develop, promote, and improve library and information services and the profession of librarianship in order to enhance learning and insure access to information for all.

GOALS: The Secretary/Treasurer will conduct business of the association as outlined in the MLA Handbook.


A. The Secretary/Treasurer will work in tandem with the Executive Director to record votes, keep minutes of all elections and for all meetings and proceedings of the Board of Directors and the members. In addition, the Secretary /Treasurer will serve notice of meetings of the Board of Directors and the members; and perform other duties as required by the Board of Directors. The Secretary/Treasurer will provide summaries of Board minutes for the MLA website, and announce this on Wired-MT.

B. The Secretary/Treasurer will serve as the chair of the Budget Committee and will be responsible for collaborating with the Executive Director in preparing an annual budget, monitoring expenses, and overseeing financial reporting, and administering the Association’s financial policies and procedures. An audit will be performed per 501c3 requirements.

C. The Secretary/Treasurer will transmit to the incoming Secretary/Treasurer material needed by the new officer.

D. The Secretary/Treasurer will collaborate with the Executive Director to forward Association materials of historical value to the Montana State Historical Society.


MAY: Assist Executive Director in collecting information for the budget for the fiscal year.

MAY: Serve as the chair of the Budget Committee and assemble preliminary budget

JUNE: Sign checks for Executive Director’s salary; Attend the Leadership Retreat; Transmit records, files or other pertinent information to successor if completing term; Assume office if newly elected; Assist the Executive Director where needed and assume responsibilities as required by the President.

OCTOBER: Attend take Board of Directors meeting and compile minutes. Sign checks for Executive Director’s salary.

JANUARY: Attend Board of Directors Meeting, and attend Legislative Day upon request of the President if a legislative year. Attend Board of Directors meeting conference call on non-legislative years.

APRIL: Attend annual business meeting of members of the Association. Attend Board of Directors meeting. Attend any meeting of the Executive Committee called by the President.


The Secretary Treasurer compiles all the minutes for Executive, regular Board meetings and the annual Membership meeting.

The Secretary/Treasurer serves as the Chair of the Budget Committee

The Secretary/Treasurer, as a voting member of the MLA Board, attends board meetings and all MLA functions, which can include Legislative Day, annual conference, etc. as requested by the President.

He/she is a member of the Executive Committee of the MLA Board and assists in decision making required to conduct Association business when a meeting of the entire board is not possible.

The Secretary/Treasurer signs the Executive Director’s paychecks. Correspondence is emailed or mailed out by the Secretary/Treasurer on behalf of the Association when requested to do so by the President. Along with the President and President-elect, the Secretary/Treasurer completes a performance evaluation of the Executive Director and MLA Web Master.


Updated January 2018

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