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Resolution: Restroom Initiatives

Resolution on Montana “Restroom Initiatives”

Whereas, The Montana House of Representatives recently tabled a bill that would have required a person using a locker room or bathroom in a government building or public school to use the facility designated for that person’s biological sex;

Whereas, groups from outside Montana have promised that they will bring a ballot initiative to the November general election ballot to include the same discriminatory language of that bill;

Whereas, any pending “Restroom Initiatives” pertaining to locker room and bathroom use based on a person’s biological sex would preempt local ordinances allowing transgender individuals to use the multiple occupancy bathroom or changing facility that corresponds to their gender identity; and

Whereas, any pending “Restroom Initiatives” have attracted significant opposition from private citizens, human rights activists, Montana ACLU, non-profit organizations, The Montana League of Cities and Towns, and more; and

Whereas, any pending “Restroom Initiatives” would discriminate against, and undermine the civil rights of the transgender and LGBT community; and

Whereas, any pending “Restroom Initiatives” will have a significant, negative impact on library staff all over the state of Montana; and

Whereas, any pending “Restroom Initiatives” are in conflict with the American Library Association’s core values of diversity and inclusiveness; and

Whereas, The Montana Library Association represents a broad, statewide community, and believes policy decisions should be made at the local level to reflect local priorities and best serve the community;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Montana Library Association does not support any pending “Restroom Initiatives” because they would conflict with the library profession’s core values of diversity and inclusiveness, would preempt local control, and will negatively impact Montana library staffs.

Adopted by the Montana Library Association Membership
March 31, 2017

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