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Association Presidents and Dates and Places of Annual Meetings

Date Place President, Home Town
1st Temporary Meeting May 17, 1906 Missoula Gertrude Buckhous, Missoula
1st Permanent Meeting May 17, 1906 Missoula Granville Stuart, Butte
2nd Meeting December 25-27, 1906 Butte Granville Stuart, Butte
3rd Meeting April 24, 1908 Bozeman No Officers Elected
4th Meeting December 28, 1908 Helena Elizabeth Thomson, Anaconda
5th Meeting December 27-28, 1910 Billings Mabel Collins, Billings
6th Annual Meeting December 27-29, 1911 Great Falls Grace Stoddard, Missoula
7th Annual Meeting December 26-28, 1912 Missoula Gertrude Buckhous, Missoula
8th Annual Meeting November 23-14, 1914 Butte Louise M. Fernald, Great Falls
9th Annual Meeting December 22-24, 1915 Great Falls John F. Davies, Butte
10th Annual Meeting November 27-29, 1916 Missoula Elizabeth Ritchie, Kalispell
11th Annual Meeting November 24-26, 1919 Helena Josephine Haley, Helena
12th Annual Meeting October 25-27, 1920 Billings Elizabeth A. Garber, Billings
13th Annual Meeting September 2, 1921 In connection with the Pacific Northwest Library Association
14th Annual Meeting October 5-7, 1922 Miles City Laura Zook, Miles City
15th Annual Meeting October 1-3, 1923 Bozeman Elizabeth B. Powell, Missoula
16th Annual Meeting October 9-11, 1924 Missoula Clara M. Main, Lewistown
17th Annual Meeting October 4-6, 1926 Anaconda Emlyn Benson, Havre
18th Annual Meeting October 10-12, 1927 Lewistown Elizabeth Forrest, Bozeman
19th Annual Meeting October 8-10, 1928 Havre Louise M. Fernald, Great Falls
Meeting in 1929 in connection with PNLA Spokane

20th Annual Meeting October 20-21, 1930 Billings Mary F. Homan, Malta
21st Annual Meeting May 16-17, 1932 Great Falls Philip Keeney, Missoula
22nd Annual Meeting May 24-26, 1934 Missoula Mabel Miller, Helena
Meeting in 1935 in connection with ALA Denver

23rd Annual Meeting May 22-23, 1936 Butte Lois Payson, Bozeman
24th Annual Meeting June 22-23, 1937 Bozeman Ruth Sultzer, Butte
25th Annual Meeting August 30-31, 1938 Glacier National Park (with PNLA) Ellen Torgrimson, Fort Benton
26th Annual Meeting June 13-14, 1939 Helena Margaret Fulmer, Billings
27th Annual Meeting May 19-21, 1940 Billings Mary McEwen, Livingston
28th Annual Meeting June 8-10, 1941 Miles City Clara M. Main, Lewistown
29th Annual Meeting May 4-5, 1942 Kalispell Doris E. Wilson, Bozeman
30th Annual Meeting May 3-4, 1943 Butte Ellen Torgrimson, Fort Benton
31st Annual Meeting May 1-2, 1943 Missoula Sally Faulkner, Miles City
32nd Annual Meeting May 7-8, 1945 Havre Nina M. Ford, Missoula
33rd Annual Meeting May 6-7, 1946 Helena Inez Ratkin, Libby
34th Annual Meeting May 5-6, 1947 Hardin Kathleen Campbell, Missoula
35th Annual Meeting May 3-4, 1948 Libby Hazel Christiansen, Hardin
36th Annual Meeting May 1-3, 1949 Billings Amy Patterson, Great Falls
37th Annual Meeting May 1-2, 1950 Great Falls Evelyn Swant, Missoula
38th Annual Meeting May 7-8, 1951 Bozeman Ann L. Whitmack, Billings
39th Annual Meeting May 4-6, 1952 Sidney Merwin M. Moores, Havre
40th Annual Meeting May 3-5, 1953 Missoula Mrs. Leon Coombs, Glendive
41st Annual Meeting May 2-4, 1954 Helena Lesley M. Heathcote, Bozeman
42nd Annual Meeting May 6-8, 1955 Miles City Ruth O. Longworth, Cut Bank
43rd Annual Meeting May 4-6, 1956 Kalispell Virginia Walton, Helena
44th Annual Meeting May 3-5, 1957 Butte Marjorie J. Moores, Havre
45th Annual Meeting May 2-4, 1958 Billings Doris E. Wilson, Bozeman
46th Annual Meeting May 1-3, 1959 Livingston Margaret Hileman, Bozeman
47th Annual Meeting May 6-8, 1960 Great Falls Alma S. Jacobs, Great Falls
48th Annual Meeting May 5-7, 1961 Glendive Helen Ewing, Glasgow
49th Annual Meeting May 4-6, 1962 Missoula Clare M. Smith, Miles City
50th Annual Meeting May 10-12, 1963 Great Falls Mary Antunes, Havre
51st Annual Meeting May 1-2, 1964 Billings Natalie Sliepcevich, Anaconda
52nd Annual Meeting April 30-May 1, 1965 Anaconda Roger E. Spillers, Helena
53rd Annual Meeting May 13-14, 1966 Missoula Lucille Anderson, Cut Bank
54th Annual Meeting May 5-6, 1967 Jackson WY (with Idaho and Wyoming Library Associations) Margaret Camm, Helena
55th Annual Meeting May 3-4, 1968 Great Falls Jean Davis, Billings
56th Annual Meeting May 8-10, 1969 Billings Adelaine Midgett, Missoula
57th Annual Meeting May 7-9, 1970 Great Falls Letitia Johnson, Missoula
58th Annual Meeting May 14-15, 1971 Missoula Mabel Brewer, Kalispell
59th Annual Meeting May 11-13, 1972 Helena Douglas Mills, Missoula
60th Annual Meeting May 10-12, 1973 Billings Frances Wells, Billings
61st Annual Meeting May 9-11, 1974 Great Falls Margaret S. Warden, Great Falls
62nd Annual Meeting May 1-3, 1975 Missoula Clint DeSonia, Helena
63rd Annual Meeting May 6-8, 1976 Helena Kay Griffith, Missoula
64th Annual Meeting May 5-7, 1977 Billings (with PNLA) Geneva Van Horne, Missoula
65th Annual Meeting May 4-6, 1978 Kalispell Alene Cooper, Helena
66th Annual Meeting May 3-5, 1979 Bozeman Lucille Thompson, Bozema
67th Annual Meeting May 8-10, 1980 Great Falls Edna Berg, Bozeman
68th Annual Meeting May 14-16, 1981 Missoula Richard Gercken, Great Falls
69th Annual Meeting May 6-8, 1982 Butte Erling Oelz, Missoula
70th Annual Meeting May 5-7, 1983 Billings Karen Everett, Billings
71st Annual Meeting April 26-28, 1984 Helena Rita Schmidt, Great Falls
72nd Annual Meeting May 1-4, 1985 Lewistown Barbara Rudio, Missoula
73rd Annual Meeting April 30-May 3, 1986 Kalispell Karen Fischer, Bozeman
74th Annual Meeting April 29-May 2, 1987 Butte Lawrence Maxwell, Butte
75th Annual Meeting April 27-30, 1988 Helena Bunny Morrison, Billings
76th Annual Meeting April 26-29, 1989 Billings (with MPLA) Georgia Lomax, Kalispell
77th Annual Meeting April 22-25, 1990 Great Falls Karen Hatcher, Missoula
78th Annual Meeting April 24-27, 1991 Missoula Beverly Knapp, Bozeman
79th Annual Meeting April 26-29, 1992 Bozeman Diane VanGorden, Baker
80th Annual Meeting August 11-14, 1993 Kalispell (with PNLA) Steve Cottrell, Bozeman
81st Annual Meeting April 24-27,1994 Butte Jane Howell, Billings
82nd Annual Meeting April 25-29, 1995 Billings Susan Nissen, Butte
83rd Annual Meeting April 24-27, 1996 Helena Mary Bushing, Bozeman
84th Annual Meeting April 23-26, 1997 Great Falls Jim Heckel, Great Falls
85th Annual Meeting April 22-25, 1998 Missoula Darlene Staffeldt, Clancy
86th Annual Meeting 1999 Big Sky (with MPLA) Bill Cochran, Billings
87th Annual Meeting April 26-29, 2000 Billings Bruce Newell, Helena
88th Annual Meeting April 25 – 28, 2001 Kalispell Suzanne Goodman, Livingston
89th Annual Meeting April 24-27, 2002 Great Falls Renee Goss, Sidney
90th Annual Meeting April 23-26, 2003 Butte Coby Johnson, Missoula
91st Annual Meeting April 24-27, 2004 Bozeman John Finn, Great Falls
92nd Annual Meeting April 23-27, 2005 Billings Rich Wojtowicz, Bozeman
93rd Annual Meeting May 3-6, 2006 Missoula Milla Cummins, Livingston
94th Annual Meeting April 25-28, 2007 Helena Lyn McKinney, Billings
95th Annual Meeting April 9-12, 2008 Great Falls Honore Bray, Missoula
96th Annual Meeting April 23-26, 2009 Kalispell Della Dubbe, Cut Bank
97th Annual Meeting April 7-10, 2010 Bozeman Eva English, Harlem
98th Annual Meeting (with MPLA) April 6-9, 2011 Billings Samantha Pierson, Libby
99th Annual Meeting April 11-14, 2012 Big Sky Kim Crowley, Kalispell
100th Annual Meeting April 17-20, 2013 Missoula Anne Kish, Twin Bridges
101st Annual Meeting April 9-12, 2014 Billings Beth Boyson, Bozeman
102nd Annual Meeting April 8-11, 2015 Bozeman Sheila Bonnand, Bozeman
103rd Annual Meeting April 6-9, 2016 Missoula Dawn Kingstad, Glendive
104th Annual Meeting March 29-31, 2017 Billings Lisa M Jackson, Missoula
105th Annual Meeting April 11-14, 2018 Bozeman Lisa M Jackson, Missoula
106th Annual Meeting April 10-13, 2019 Helena Elizabeth Jonkel, Missoula
107th Annual MeetingApril 1-4, 2020Billings, CancelledMary Anne Hansen, Bozeman
108th Annual MeetingApril 14-17, 2021
Virtual Meeting
Gavin Woltjer,    Billings

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