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Resolution: IMLS Funding

Resolution to urge Congress to fund the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS), to direct IMLS to fully fund the Grants to States Program and the Native American Grants Program under the Library Services Technology Act, and other grants that support Montana libraries.

Whereas, for over 20 years, IMLS has provided support to libraries across Montana through the Library Services Technology Act to fund library develop through the Montana State Library and Native American grants and through leadership grants awarded to Montana libraries;

Whereas, organizations in Montana received $1.9M from IMLS last federal fiscal year to fund library development services, technology, professional development and lifelong learning in all Montana communities;

Whereas, the reduction or elimination of the IMLS funding would severely impact information services available to Montana citizens;

Whereas, libraries in the State of Montana provide resources for veterans, assistance to small businesses, internet access, support for job seekers, technology training, and transparent access to the information necessary to support a free and open democracy;

Therefore be it resolved, that the Montana Library Association (MLA):

  1. Urges Congress to pass, and President Trump to sign, a federal budget that appropriates $210 million to IMLS.
  2. Urges IMLS to fully fund the Grants to States and Native American Grant Program authorized through the Library Services Technology Act and to continue to fund leadership grants for all libraries.
  3. Expresses support and appreciation for the Montana State Library for their work to support library development for all Montana libraries as funded with Grants to States monies.

Adopted by the Montana Library Association Membership
March 31, 2017

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