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Conference Planning Committee Chair Job Description

      TITLE: Conference Planning Committee

      MISSION STATEMENT: The Mission of the Conference Planning Committee is to develop, promote and improve library and information services programs through workshops offered at our annual library conference.

      GOALS: The Conference Planning Committee goal is to plan and organize a successful annual conference
      in conjunction with the Conference Planners and Executive Director.

      OBJECTIVES: The objective of the Conference Planning Committee is to assist in the planning of the annual conference.

      1. Meet with Conference Planners in June or July to discuss planning timeline and schedule of tasks required to plan annual conference.
      2. Consult with the President and the Conference Planners to call for proposals in August.
      3. With input from President, Executive Director and Conference Planners finalize conference budget.
      4. Begin monthly PR work on the annual conference in October.
      5. Attend Conference Planning meeting to select program workshops for annual conference.
      6. Discuss speaker gifts with Conference Planner and select gift.
      7. Plan tours and select sites for Welcome Reception and Montana Book Awards Reception if necessary.
      8. Coordinate and select Registration committee, Vendor Committee, Meals Committee and Internet Technician or committee to help during annual conference.
      9. Contact host city Chamber of Commerce for materials to add to registration bags.
      10. Following conference, convey relevant information and files to subsequent Planning Committee Chairs.
      11. Attend MLA Summer Board Retreat.

      TIMELINE: Refer to Conference Planning Timeline

      JOB DESCRIPTION: Planning and coordinating continuing education workshops at the annual conference, seeking input from division chairs, interest group chairs, committee chairs, and others; coordinating with the Conference Planners on all matters regarding the conference program and schedule; administering the annual conference budget and expenditures in coordination with the Executive Director and President; planning and coordinating the tours, receptions and other activities during the conference

      Updated October 4, 2000
      Updated January 2018

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