Resolution Thanking the Host City, Conference Planning Committee, and Doug and Debbi Kramer, our Conference Planners

Whereas, the Montana Library Association has had a wonderful conference in the City of Billings; and

Whereas, the Conference Planning Committee members Cindy Patterson, Eileen Wright, and Lisa Mecklenberg Jackson have planned a magnificent meeting; and

Whereas, Doug and Debbi Kramer, as our Conference Planners have a done a wonderful job of keeping us all fed, housed, and entertained; and

Whereas, the conference committee and subcommittees have worked miracles for the conference attendees; presenters; exhibiters; award winners, and

Whereas, the conference is declared a complete success;

Therefore, be it resolved, that Montana Library Association membership thank all who have been involved in this venture and give them three cheers!


Adopted by the Montana Library Association Membership
March 31, 2017