Site and Date Criteria

Conference planner’s criteria used to set the date and pick a site for an upcoming conference.

Site requirements:      

  • 6 or more break out session rooms, it is hoped to have 5 break out rooms for workshops, a Cates display room and the meals area to be set up just for that purpose
  • Suitable space for exhibitors
  • Adequate sleeping rooms
  • Affordability of conference meals
  • Conference city should have tours, etc. available
  • Conference facility or local library able to host Welcome Reception
  • Other hotels nearby for overflow conference attendees

Criteria for dates:       

  • Dates of Easter, PLA conference and National Library Week
  • Dates available with conference hotel         

Once date with conference hotel is set, the negotiations begin:

  • Overall cost of using the conference hotel.   MLA will only pay up to a certain amount ($5000 total) for use of conference hotel) 
  • Cost of sleeping rooms?  (prevailing state rate for year of conference)
  • Number of rooms compt.  (ratio of number of rooms nights booked to compt. rooms given)

Once the above criteria for conference city and hotel are met, the Conference Planners take the information to the MLA board for final approval.  After board approval the Executive Director gets a signed contract with conference hotel in place with current MLA President’s signature.