Cates Scholarship

2013 Application (Word) (PDF)

2011 Cates Scholarship Winners - Poster (pdf)

Selection Criteria

In order to apply for the scholarship, the candidate must show:

  1. Be a member of good standing in the Montana Library Association (dues must be current)
  2. Be currently enrolled in a graduate library and/or information science program.
  3. Be an active member of MLA (attends meetings, works on committees, etc.)

The following written criteria will be scored as follows:

The above criteria are based on the application form. Detailed instructions are given for each section of the application. The scoring sheet is a part of the application.

On the application deadline, the chair of the committee will make copies of each application and scoring sheets and send these to the members of the Sheila Cates Scholarship Committee. Each member will individually score each application. The scoring sheets will be mailed/faxed to the chair of the committee. The chair will tally the scores and if there is a need, will contact the committee and applicants and schedule an interview.

A minimum score of 150 is required for the written portion of the application in order for a scholarship to be awarded.