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8:45-8:55–Welcome — We will kick off the day with a brief rundown of the day’s schedule and make sure everyone’s tech is working.  

9:00-9:50–Library of Congress 101 – Need help finding Library of Congress resources? Get suggestions on finding materials from the online collections for your education needs. Learn about our primary source sets, blogs, videos of author talks, free children’s books and more.

Presenter: Danna Bell

10:00-10:50–Google Tools to Streamline Your Day — GSuite contains a robust collection of apps that can increase your workflow. If you’re already familiar with the basics of Docs, Sheets, and Slides, this is the session for you! We will dig a little deeper, exploring tools like Jamboard and Keep, as well as extensions and add-ons that will streamline your work in the library (and maybe your life outside, too!). Join me for a fast-paced presentation with lots of ideas and enthusiasm!

Presenter: Shaundel Krumheuer

11:00-11:50–Collaboration Station — As specialists, it’s easy to feel siloed in our school libraries.  You may feel still further isolated if you are the sole school librarian in your building, or at your level, or in your district.  We are surrounded by friendly allies, both within our own buildings and towns and throughout the Montana Library Association in general.  This session will detail where and how to find those allies and offer up some ideas of how to collaborate effectively with them to enhance your school library program and your professional practice–and maybe make some cool new friends in the process!

Presenter: Brittany Alberson

12:00-12:40–Lunch Break

12:50-1:00–Welcome Back/Reset 

1:00-1:50–The SEL School Library in the time of COVID — In this time of collective fear and grief it will be more vital than ever for libraries to provide emotional and social supports and resources for the whole school community. This fall school librarians will need to be prepared with new academic tools and resources to be able to provide spaces of social and emotional support. This session will provide a practical overview of SEL competencies and how to incorporate them into the school library, discuss new considerations for collection development, and give ideas for collaboration with counselors and teachers to help support student social and emotional well-being. The challenge is great but the opportunities are greater. 

Presenter: Chani Craig

2:00-2:50–K-12 Library Media/Information Literacy Content Standards Update — Join us for an update on the adoption of the new K-12 Library Media/Information Literacy Content Standards. We will cover the history, the process of adoption, advocacy efforts to date, and provide a Call to Action.

Presenter: Ann Ewbank

3:00-3:50–Breakout Sessions — One of the most valuable aspects of retreats and conferences like this is the opportunity to interact with fellow professionals.  Sharing ideas, addressing common concerns and challenges, and forming convivial professional connections can enhance our practice for years to come.  These breakout sessions will afford us the time and space to engage in these important conversations on our own terms.  Each “room” will center loosely on a specific theme to allow for more directed conversation.  You can join any room(s) you feel are most relevant to you at any point during this session.  Room themes include:

  • The role of school librarians and the new school library standards
  • Instructional and programming ideas and implementation
  • New, exciting, culturally-sensitive, beautiful, wonderful books and their care and keeping
  • All things COVID-19–instruction, support, connection, safety, etc.
  • The social-emotional roles of school librarians, particularly with regard to equity and social justice