ASLD Long Range Plan


The officers and committees of the Academic & Special Libraries Division (ASLD) are members of the Montana Library Association (MLA) who volunteer their time, energy, and talents on behalf of the Division. The officers and committee membership change each year. It is envisioned that the officers and committees will use the by-laws and handbooks of MLA and ASLD to guide them during their tenures. The details of the ASLD Long Range Plan should serve as a guideline for additional work the officers, committees, and members should try to accomplish.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1 – To promote and foster cooperation and communication among the members of ALSD/MLA, the academic community, and other organizations with common interests.

  • The Division Chair will write a quarterly newsletter to the Division members reporting on Board actions and other MLA activities .
  • The Publicity Committee will submit a feature article on an academic or special library to the Focus newsletter editor for each issue of Focus.
  • Librarians joining ASLD-affiliated institutions will receive an official welcome from the Division Chair that includes information about, and an invitation to join, ASLD.
  • The Conference Committee will make sure there are informal networking opportunities at the fall retreat and at MLA’s Annual Meeting.
  • The Division Chair will appoint a committee to develop an exchange program for academic and special librarians, giving them the opportunity to learn by visiting or working in other libraries.
  • The Publicity Committee will recognize, on the ASLD website or through Focus feature articles, models of collaboration with other library types (school, public, etc.).
  • The Publicity Committee will develop a catchy ASLD slogan & put it on freebies or t-shirt.

Goal 2 – To enhance the abilities of Montana’s academic and special libraries to serve the needs of their users.

  • Support the MLN Cooperative Virtual Reference Project and encourage members to participate in it.
  • Create a resource sharing page on the ASLD website for library activities, e.g. digitization guidelines and best practices in information literacy & electronic resources management.
  • Encourage academic & special libraries to take an active part in fulfilling the lifelong learning needs of our library users.

Goal 3 – To promote and speak for the interests of academic and special libraries and librarians, both in Montana governmental institutions and in the community at large.

  • Support and encourage the role of legislative liaison.
  • Call attention to academic & special library issues relevant to the public (e.g. through letters to the editor).
  • Advise the MLA board and the Montana State Library on issues of particular impact to academic and special libraries in Montana.

Goal 4 – To contribute to the professional and career development of all academic and special library personnel.

  • Work with the CE Committee of MLA to make sure there is at least one program per day during the MLA annual meeting that satisfies the needs of ASLD members.
  • Create a page on the ASLD website for links to online education opportunities.
  • Continue to hold annual fall retreats that offer sessions of professional interest to ASLD members and promote the exchange of ideas among those in the Division.
  • Promote membership and participation in MLA/ASLD.
  • Provide information about, and opportunities for, research and publication both locally and nationally.
  • Support and participate in recruitment and retention of outstanding individuals to the field of academic and special librarianship.
  • Create a mentoring program.
  • Establish a yearly grant of [$100?] to attend the ASLD retreat.
  • Continue to sponsor Significant Tidings program at the MLA Annual Meeting.

Goal 5 – To honor the contribution of individuals and organizations who enhance academic and special libraries in Montana.

  • Plan an MLA centennial commemoration event that relates to academic and special libraries.
  • Recognize the achievements of an academic or special librarian at the MLA Annual Meeting.

Goal 6 – To support and protect intellectual freedom in academic and special libraries.

  • Promote and support the ALA Library Bill of Rights.
  • Promote and support the ALA statement on Intellectual Freedom.
  • Promote and support the AAUP Principles on Academic Freedom.

Adopted April 25, 2005