Thursday, April 16th

Recorded Sessions

That’s Not What I Said: Ways to Improve Communication with Just About Everyone

Thursday, April 16th    10:00 am

Presenter:  Pam Henley

CE: Library Services to the Public

Sometimes what we say isn’t what others hear, and what we hear isn’t what was actually said. Learn skills to avoid the pitfalls and misunderstandings that can result from poor communication.

Strategic Pathway to MSL Certification: An Overview of the New Track

Thursday, April 16th   1:00 pm

Presenter: Joann Flick

CE: Library Administration

Curious about the new pathway to certification from the MT State Library? Join CE Coordinator Jo Flick to learn about how this new track is designed, the requirements to attain certification, and whether or not it may be a good choice for you and your library.

Thursday, April 23rd

The Item Lifecycle in the Montana Shared Catalog: From On-Order to Discard – What the System Can Do for Your Library

Thursday, April 23rd    10:00 am

Presenters: Keiley McGregor, Amy Marchwick, Rebekah Kamp, Jemma Hazen

CE:  Collection Management/Technical Service

Accompany an item on its journey through WorkFlows, from on-order to the discard pile, and learn your library’s options for handling items whose paths go awry into the land of the lost, damaged, and beyond. After an overview of the item lifecycle, attendees will review best practices for promoting system hygiene and handling problem items efficiently, including when the system can do the heavy lifting for you.

Bibliostat Connect Training

Thursday, April  23rd   1:00 pm

Presenter: Jan Anderson             

CE:  Technology

Join Bibliostat’s Jan Anderson as he demonstrates how the Connect tool can produce quick, easy and graphical reports, comparisons, and analyses with other libraries, using library and demographic data. 

Thursday, April 30th

Seeing is Believing: Data Visualization for Your Library

Thursday, April 30th 10:00 am

Presenter: Jessica Edwards

CE: Library Services to the Public

By effectively using the right tools, libraries can better collect, analyze, and report data to their stakeholders. Join us to learn more about data visualization and the tools and methods that can be used to bring your library’s stories to life.

Mixing Up a Book Club Cocktail: New Ingredients for a Happier Hour

Thursday, April 30th 1:00 pm

Presenter: Jan Zauha

CE: Library Services to the Public

Book clubs can be great community builders but what if they fall flat or get taken over by domineering readers? There are options for refreshing your book club recipe with new ingredients! Explore what others are doing to foster happier clubs and hear what free digital archives have to offer.

Thursday, May 7th

Searching Out of the Box

Thursday, May 7th 10:00 am

Presenters: Laura Tretter, Natasha Hollenback

CE: Library Administration

Searches are often initiated with a focus on keywords, Boolean operators, and limiters. Another approach shifts that initial focus to metadata and levels of description. Whether you’re searching your online catalog or another database this presentation will reveal a mindset used by metadata librarians to help you get the most out of your search.

Caring for the Mind: Providing Mental Health Information at Your Library

Thursday, May 7th 1:00 pm

Presenter: Carolyn Martin

CE: Library Services to the Public

Responding to questions involving topics on mental health is challenging even for the most experienced librarian. In this session, participants will learn how to effectively provide mental health information to their library patrons. Participants will learn about quality resources and best approaches for handling interactions with emotional patrons.