Thank you for your interest in the Information Powers Growth campaign. This campaign aims to increase awareness among Montana businesses, entrepreneurs, decision makers, and communities about the valuable resources today’s libraries offer. The resources in the Community Toolkit outline many ways libraries and information services are important. We hope these materials will be shared across Montana communities. Some documents labeled Customizable in the links below will download directly when you click the link. Check the download tab or folder on the computer you are using to access these files. You can then customize these resources for your use. If you have questions, please reach out to one of Campaign Contacts listed in the right hand column of this page.

Campaign Identity Elements

Campaign Fact Sheet

Social Media

Follow the PoweringMT campaign on Facebook @InformationPowersMT. Feel free to use the cover video and content posts on your organization’s social media to help increase awareness about the campaign.

News Releases

Montana librarians or library directors are urged to customize this release to submit to their local news outlets.


Talking Points

Letters to the Editor

Share these customizable letters with advocates in your community.

Legislative Resources

Print Elements

Newsletter Articles

Other Resources

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